Contemporary Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends in Los Angeles

Every year, the trends for bathroom remodeling tend to change and this current year is not an exception. If you are considering to remodel the bathroom of your home in Los Angeles, here is our take on top bathroom remodeling trends for 2018. Let us have a look:

1. Bathroom that gives you a feeling of living spaces

Significant changes can be noticed in the contemporary bathroom design trends primarily because people’s ideas are shifting. No longer do they over-emphasis the decorative aspects of a bathroom or for that matter to any other room in their homes. What they want is to understand how to enhance the functionality of a room.

The bathroom acts as a soothing sanctuary that has inherit healing power. After a day’s hard work, homeowners want to spend some relaxing time in their bathrooms . There has also been a growing trend of televisions, furniture and fireplaces making their way into the bath as furnishings.

2. Smart storage options
Before you undertake the task of bathroom remodel Los Angeles, ensure how to make the most of the available space. Put efforts to choose smart storage options. Small and smart changes like keeping a cabinet vertically (where it is possible) could save lots of space. Incorporate open shelving within a bathroom vanity. It is not only a practical option but also adds attraction.

3. Rising popularity of bidets
Bidets are gradually becoming popular in the US, especially where you are considering features of luxury bathroom remodeling. Bathroom remodeling services in Los Angeles are installing bidets into water closets as standard amenities.

4. Deluxe showers
Talking about luxury bathroom remodeling and bypassing the features like water jets, spa-like body sprays, multiple shower heads, completely enclosed steam showers etc is not worthy. One can add extra features like soap/shampoo niches and built-in benches to enhance the functionality of the bathroom.

5. Add the Square Components
Well, sometimes you need to focus on the style of the toilet fixture by using a touch of an angular design. This type of style can transform an ordinary looking bathtub, shower head, sink and faucet into something that is far different from the run-of-the-mill products.

6. Ease of usage
It has become a higher priority to focus more on the ease of usage. One of the most current trends in bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles are incorporating features like comfort-height toilets, floating vanities, no-threshold showers and side-mount faucets. Grab-bars also help to fortify the security aspect of the bathroom. Homeowners with senior members cannot ignore this aspect of a bathroom remodeling trend.

7. High-tech upgrades
Bathrooms are truly becoming the spaces for spending cozy me-time. Music and media devices are placed within the bathroom. One can install bluetooth technology devices, wireless speakers and docking stations. Take for example Kohler’s Moxie showerhead which is a favorite with the luxury bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles owners.

8. Installation of freestanding bathtubs
One does not find a number of users seeking built-in bathtubs in their bathroom remodeling projects nowadays. However, you could opt for its free-standing versions. A popular trend is a combo tub/shower wet room.

9. Towel warmers and in-floor heating system
Radiant heated floors along with towel warmers are trendy luxury bathroom remodeling elements. As tiles made of porcelain and ceramic work well with the floor heating system, quality remodeling services use them to complete their projects.