English to Chinese Translation - Pros, Cons and Other Alternative

English to Chinese Translation – Pros, Cons and Other Alternative

If you are looking for translation services English to Chinese, you have two options at your disposal: hire a professional translator, or try out a free translation service. Both of these options have their pros and cons, as we will see.

Hiring a professional English to Chinese translator can be prohibitively expensive. If you want to translate into/from Chinese in languages other than English, the costs will go even further up. But at the same time, with a professional translator, you can be reasonably sure of the service quality. You can hire a translator at any number of freelancing websites. Be sure to check the translator’s ratings, feedback, whether he/she is a native speaker, what other languages he/she speaks, and qualifications (if any).

Free English to Chinese translation represent the other end of the spectrum. There are a number of free websites and software programs that you can use to translate a document in Chinese, the most common one being Google Translator. While these free translation services do a reasonable job, they are far from foolproof. For translating casual phrases or conversations, these are perfect. But for more important, complexly worded documents, you will find these services less than adequate.

English to Chinese Translation - Pros, Cons and Other Alternative

The reason being that translation from one language to another is an art, not a science. Translation services English to Chinese needs to not only have a very strong command over two languages, but also understand the culture of both countries. After all, there are so many colloquial phrases that are common in one country, virtually unknown in another. Any American who has traveled to England (and vice versa) will have reams of stories about this. The differences between two countries speaking different languages will be far more enormous.

In essence, free translation services are a lifesaver if you want to translate a word, phrase, or part of a conversation from one language to another, but if you want to get an important document translated, you will be better off with help from a translation services.