Express Shipping from China

The goods can be shipped out from China by air, sea and land. Shipping of the goods by air is very flexible, the main advantage is the transport time. For shipping of the goods or your parcels from China by air you can choose between two main services. First is air cargo which offers air transport between different airports. This is an economy air shipping, but it is suitable if the weight of your goods is more then 20 / 50 / 100kg ( depending on your destination airport and other conditions ). For the parcel which is of a lower weight or which needs to be shipped express by a door-to-door service, there are available different services by logistics companies as DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, USPS and also an international express postal service EMS – Express Mail Service which is offered by postal-administration members of the Universal Postal Union ( association of national post ).

China is the biggest exporter of different consumer goods. So there is a very good opportunity to import from China directly. Cheap shipping from China saves your costs. If you are interested how much the shipping from China is, so it also depends on the weight, cbm of your package and the destination country. Each day many shipping companies as DHL, TNT, Fedex, UPS, USPS process a large volume of different packages and parcels. Due to this big volume China can offer a very good opportunity for shipping different goods from China. So you can find many sellers which offer free shipping China phones and also famous ipod shipping from China.

International shipping from China is important for many wholesalers and end user customers who like forwarding their packets from China and shipping them express to their country. Also a good price of shipping of the goods from China is a big chance for people who like to drop shipping. Many Chinese internet shops develop China dropshipping very quickly and offer new possibilities in this area. Chinese wholesales can offer very good prices for their goods. Each parcel from China can be tracked, so shipping of the goods is very safe.

When you ship the goods by air you can meet following terms as air waybill, international priority express, express service, express shipping tracking, door-to-door, postal service, postal rates, postal zip codes, tracking packages, and customs clearance.

The goods from China can be shipped out also trought Hong Kong. Hong Kong is famous as an free port and it is special administrative region of China. Paperwork with shipping the goods from Hong Kong is less then from mainland China.

The goods can be shipped to any continent as America, Europe, Australia, and Africa. If you are interested how long the shipping of the goods to you can take, so usually by air shipping it is just a few days, exactly it depends on your destination country and the city where you live. Main destinations for shipping of the goods from China are :

Main cities in the US for shipping of the goods are New York, Los Angeles. Shipping from China to US¬†doesn’t cost too much. USA is the biggest market for China goods, so the prices for shipping of the goods by different services are very competitive. For the United States the best service from China offers UPS ( United Parcel Service ) which is a US based company and is very familiar with this local market. UPS will deliver your parcel on time. Also other shipping service companies as DHL, Fedex, UPS are available. The EMS – Express Mail Service in the USA is operated by USPS ( United States Postal Service ).

Other popular countries for shipping of the goods from China are Brazil, Germany, Ghana, Iran, Jamaica, Lebanon, Mexico, Malaysia, Russia, South Africa, Singapore, and Trinidad.